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IKKAIDO brings the HOO! and the HAYAAA! of the iconic martial arts into the lives of everyone, especially people who are marginalised by disability, disadvantage or living with poverty

IKKAIDO is a unique way of doing thing so that EVERYONE can participate.

IKKAIDO is a unique word which represents social change through inclusion and the benevolent and charitable focus of our organisation, our members and of our athletes.

I is for Inclusive. In Chinese "KAI" stands for Open and "DO" is for The Way. The Open Way reflects that we are inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of style, martial art, ability or disability.

In Japanese, "IKKAI" means One and "DO" means The Way. The One Way shows that all martial artists can come together in the same events to participate under a common standard.

IKKAIDO also means The Ancient Way and The Great Way of Happiness reflecting both our traditional roots and the pleasure of learning and participating with Ikkaido.

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